The Artist Shed

The Art of MargeKinson

The Artist Shed @ The NFC Nerdapalooza Event

The Artist Shed is proud to announce their participation in the Nerds for Cures Nerdapalooza event, which runs from July 5th to July 11th.

This awesome nerdy event, which is helping to raise money for Relay for Life has a fantastic video game theme going on this year and the event space is setup like you’re inside a Super Mario Bros. game.

The Artist Shed has two items which will be in official RFL vendors with all profits from the sales of those items going directly to Relay for Life.

The first item is for all those 10 fans out there…

10th Couch

And the second item is for anyone who wants to shout loud and proud, I am a nerd…

Nerd Bookends

In addition to the shopping there will be Gotya machines and games with cool prizes, plus the knowledge that you’re helping to support a great cause.

Remember, every Linden counts, so even if you only have L$1 to spare stop by the Nerdapalooza event and donate it.

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