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The Lexi Project

The Artist Shed is very proud to announce its participation in The Lexi Project, a collaborative fund-raising event created to bring Second Life brands together in the hopes of raising money for one of our own, Lexi Zelin.

Lexi was recently diagnosed with Stage 3 Hodgkin Lymphoma and is in desperate need of funds to help pay her medical bills and expenses while she undergoes treatment to fight this disease.

Lexi is 28 years old, the mother of a beautiful little girl and plays an important role within Second Life by creating high quality, full permission mesh apparel. Paving the way for many people in the virtual world to have the freedom of opening their own store.

Let me tell you, it was a very easy decision to make when I was asked to participate in this event. I don’t know Lexi personally but when you have the power to be part of something that can help to change someone’s life for the better you just, you know, do it.

This is my little contribution:

Lexi Project Poster

You’ll be able to grab the Blush and Bashful Collection at the event for L$250 (the set includes everything you see in the photo). Ok, well wait, not everything…that window way in the back is not included.

If you aren’t interested in flowery pink girly stuff don’t fret, there are over 300 designers participating in The Lexi Project so you’re bound to find something you like. Or if you don’t have the means to shop for a good cause you can always spread the word about the event on your blog, social media or in local chat.

The Lexi Project runs from July 26th to August 9th and I would ask that everyone please make every effort to visit or promote the event.

I can promise helping a fellow Avatar is cool and it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling. I can also promise that helping a fellow human being beat insurmountable odds will make you feel like a superhero.

The Lexi Project

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