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Lammas 1st Harvest Hunt

The Artist Shed is excited to be participating in a new hunt, the Lammas 1st Harvest Hunt which runs from August 1st to August 15th.

You will be searching for L$10 loaves of bread at over 30 locations across the Second Life Grid and each store owner has the option of putting out as many loaves as they would like, so that could be a lot of hunt gifts to collect.

I have made one item, so if you drop by the store you will only be searching for one loaf of bread which makes things easy on you and your virtual wallet.

I made sure to make this gift with a little extra love, seeing as it costs a bit more than the usual L$1/L$0 hunts I participate in.

Harvest Wagon Poster 3

The Harvest Wagon will be on display at The Artist Shed from August 1st to 15th so everyone can get a good look at it before committing to that L$10 price tag.

The hunt begins HERE

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