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The enMESHed into Fall/enMESHed into Octoberville Hunt

The Artist Shed is happy to announce its participation and sponsorship of the enMESHed into Fall/enMESHed into Octoberville Hunt.

The hunts (that’s right hunts) run from September 15th to October 15th and you will be able to collect tons of mesh Fall/Halloween themed items for $0 Lindens.

The exciting part is once you’ve completed the Fall hunt you’ll receive a landmark which will take you to the Octoberville portion of the hunt.

There you will set out to search for 66 scavenger hunt items and once you’ve found all 66 items (take your time, they aren’t easy to find) you will be given a teleport to the secret prize location to collect additional prizes from all of the amazing sponsors.

This is my hunt gift:

enMESHed into Fall Hunt Gift - The Artist Shed

Now, normally I would share my sponsor gift with you but I thought it would be much more fun if It were a surprise. So if you want to see what you’re getting you’ll just have to work your way though Octoberville in search of the prize room.

Also if you happen to see Zoey Evanier around while you’re hunting congratulate her on a job well done. I understand it took many months to organize this and she deserves a little praise for all her effort.

You can find more information about the enMESHed into Fall/enMESHed into Octoberville Hunt HERE

Happy Hunting!


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