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Fall Hunts

A couple of great Fall hunts start tomorrow and The Artist Shed is very excited to participate in them both (and sponsor the Madly Untamed Hunt).

The first hunt is the Madly Untamed Stuff the Bird Hunt which runs from November 1st to November 30th and features a bunch of L$1 Fall/Thanksgiving themed Gifts.

I have made a pumpkin coloured chaise for those of you who eat too much pie and turkey and go into a tryptophan coma.

Chaise de Citrouille Poster SM

You can find out more details about The Madly Untamed Stuff the Bird Hunt HERE

The second hunt is the Poppin’ Penguin Hello, Fall Hunt which also runs from November 1st to November 30th. This hunt features fall themed gifts, some are being offered for L$0 and some for L$1.

I made some L$0 artwork and then other fall décor which will be L$1 for the set.

Fall Hunt Gifts 2 - The Artist Shed

Visit HERE to find out more about the Poppin’ Penguin Hello, Fall Hunt.

Firestorm’s Spooky Nights Hunt

The Artist Shed is thrilled to be participating in the Firestorm Spooky Nights Hunt which runs from October 31st@4:00PM SLT to November 30th.

This free hunt will be taking place on Firestorm’s 5 sims and will feature male/female or unisex items, some in keeping with the spooky theme and some not so spooky gifts.

Here is what The Artist Shed has to offer:

Spooky Nights Hunt Gift - The Artist Shed

The Skullduggery seats have a male and female pose and can be used to spruce up your haunted house or just as a conversation piece in your SL living room. Oh and you won’t find that print anywhere else in SL, Marge created those adorable little skulls specifically for this hunt.

Visit HERE to find out more details about the hunt and to view some of the other participants gifts.

The Artist Shed @ The Mad Circus Halloween & Gacha Fair

The Artist Shed is at The Mad Circus event which runs from October 10th @ noon to October 31st @ midnight.

This event is such a big deal I had to hire employees to work my booth. I wanted to keep with the theme so naturally I picked up some hardworking carnival folk and employed them right away.

Mad Circus Small

The photo is a little dark (my employees prefer it that way) but there is The Artist Shed’s sales assistants showing off some of the merchandise. Tadame and Tomoko would be more than happy to help you with a purchase should you decide to make one.

Feel free to ask the assistant manager about The Mad Circus exclusives or new items made especially for the event, or you can say hello to my mom (the one with the beard), she’s lending moral support and giving the buyers view.

Also, if you wouldn’t mind congratulating The Artist Shed employee of the month on a job well done that would be great. He needs a lot of encouragement and don’t worry about the mace it’s like a security blanket for him, no need to be concerned. He only wants to be friends and give you a free gift.

If you’re insane like me…uh, I mean mad make sure to visit THE MAD CIRCUS event.

The Artist Shed @ Cure-Con

The Artist Shed is at Cure-Con, the pink and nerdy October event that helps to raise money for breast cancer research. The event runs from October 4th to October 10th and each booth has at least one official vendor filled with geeky goodies whose profits will go directly to MSABC.

I have created a piece of artwork which is exclusive to the event. Wonder Woman is for all those strong females who have beat the disease or are fighting against it. Super heroes have nothing on these ladies.

Wonder Woman Poster

A L$100 donation will get you a copy of Wonder Woman but only during the event. Once Cure-Con is over the print with no longer be available.

The Artist Shed has a few other items available at Cure-Con, a Who themed bed, a really pink freebie and some comic style profanity artwork for your bat cave but the most important thing to do when you visit Cure-Con is to make sure to drop a few Lindens in one of the official vendors or donation kiosks.

Visit Cure-Con

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