The Artist Shed

The Art of MargeKinson

The Artist Shed @ Cure-Con

The Artist Shed is at Cure-Con, the pink and nerdy October event that helps to raise money for breast cancer research. The event runs from October 4th to October 10th and each booth has at least one official vendor filled with geeky goodies whose profits will go directly to MSABC.

I have created a piece of artwork which is exclusive to the event. Wonder Woman is for all those strong females who have beat the disease or are fighting against it. Super heroes have nothing on these ladies.

Wonder Woman Poster

A L$100 donation will get you a copy of Wonder Woman but only during the event. Once Cure-Con is over the print with no longer be available.

The Artist Shed has a few other items available at Cure-Con, a Who themed bed, a really pink freebie and some comic style profanity artwork for your bat cave but the most important thing to do when you visit Cure-Con is to make sure to drop a few Lindens in one of the official vendors or donation kiosks.

Visit Cure-Con


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