The Artist Shed

The Art of MargeKinson

The Artist Shed @ The Mad Circus Halloween & Gacha Fair

The Artist Shed is at The Mad Circus event which runs from October 10th @ noon to October 31st @ midnight.

This event is such a big deal I had to hire employees to work my booth. I wanted to keep with the theme so naturally I picked up some hardworking carnival folk and employed them right away.

Mad Circus Small

The photo is a little dark (my employees prefer it that way) but there is The Artist Shed’s sales assistants showing off some of the merchandise. Tadame and Tomoko would be more than happy to help you with a purchase should you decide to make one.

Feel free to ask the assistant manager about The Mad Circus exclusives or new items made especially for the event, or you can say hello to my mom (the one with the beard), she’s lending moral support and giving the buyers view.

Also, if you wouldn’t mind congratulating The Artist Shed employee of the month on a job well done that would be great. He needs a lot of encouragement and don’t worry about the mace it’s like a security blanket for him, no need to be concerned. He only wants to be friends and give you a free gift.

If you’re insane like me…uh, I mean mad make sure to visit THE MAD CIRCUS event.


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