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February Hunts

The Artist Shed is sponsoring two and participating in three hunts during the month of love.

The first being The Madly Untamed, My Bloody Valentine Hunt which runs from February 1st to February 28th (oops someone forgot about the leap year).

This hunt is for those of you who might have a broken heart or just dislike Valentines Day and all its gushy nonsense.

The My Bloody Valentine Hunt is a L$1 hunt and you are looking for a broken heart.

Here’s what you’ll find at The Artist Shed:

My Ex-Valentine Cake Poster SM

Sure, covering the cake in oil paint is a fiendish plan but that’s the idea. Ex can mean so many things…mwa ha ha!

You can find all the hints and SLurls HERE once the hunt begins on the 1st.


The second hunt is The Romantic Love in the Clouds Hunt, which runs from February 1st to February 15th.

This one is for those of you who like all that mushy stuff.

Please keep in mind this hunt has a shorter time frame than most so make sure you get to hunting as soon as you can.

During this hunt you will be searching high and low for a cute little L$1 cupid.

Here is The Artist Shed’s lovey dovey offering:

RLITC Hunt Gift SM

The hunt begins HERE and you should be able to grab a notecard from the hunt poster there that will give you the SLurls to the various participants stores.


Last but never least is the Evil Bunny, Stupid Cupid 4 Hunt which runs from February 3rd to February 29th.

Apparently Cupid is on a tear, shooting arrows all over SL. Now all you have to do is find those arrows, pay your L$1 and get some awesome gifties.

Here is The Artist Shed’s gifty:

Blinky Valentine Hearts SM

The hearts go blinky blinky and change colour to the delight of all that witness it.

You can visit HERE to grab further details, like hints and photos.

Whew…that’s a lot of hunts. Hope you have fun!

The 2015 Huntie Awards

Thank you to everyone who nominated The Artist Shed for a Huntie award.

I didn’t win but knowing hunters enjoy my hunt items is reward enough. Thank you all so much!

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners.

Something Old

I don’t typically get the chance to work on things specifically for The Artist Shed, I usually end up making items for hunts or events but rarely have the time for store stuff.

The items end up in the store (eventually) but it’s not quite the same as making something and just plunking it down right away. No hiding spot, no trip to another sim.

Old Cash Register SM

So here’s a little something old for the New Year!

You can grab “The Old Cash Register” at The Artist Shed for only L$50.

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