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April Hunts

The Artist Shed is participating in two hunts this coming April, The Madly Untamed Perfect Storm Hunt which runs from April 1st to April 30th and the Evil Bunny Hunt 6 which runs from April 3rd to April 30th.

Here is what you can pick up at The Artist Shed while doing The Perfect Storm Hunt:

Perfect Storm Hunt Gift - The Artist Shed

Just a cute little piece of décor to add a bit of stormy colour to your abode.

If you’d like to come grab it you’ll have to find a carefully hidden bolt of lightning and have L$1 in your virtual pocket.

Visit the Madly Untamed site to get all the hints and SLurls once the hunt begins on the 1st.


For the Evil Bunny 6 Hunt, The Artist Shed has two gifts available:

Evil Bunny 6 Hunt Gifts - The Artist Shed

You have the choice between the L$1 naughty, Bug Off sign or the L$1 nice, Welcome sign.

If you’re one of those deep individuals with lot’s of personality you may just need both. Easy enough, you just have to seek out eggs with halos and devil horns.

Visit the Evil Bunny site for more details on the hunt.

Happy Hunting!

Spring Freshness

Alright, so in my last post I mentioned two more events coming up mid-March and while the enMESHed into Spring hunt seems to have been canceled the Spring Freshness sale @The Wash is happening as planned and runs from March 16th to March 30th.

The sale boasts several (and by several I mean too many to count) displays filled with L$10 items. L$10 items as far as the eye can see…many, many L$10 items and the occasional L$50 item, as everyone participating is allowed one per display.

Here’s a little peek at what The Artist Shed has to offer:

The Wash Sale

All brand new and all fresh for spring!

Stop by The Spring Freshness Sale @The Wash to see these items as well as all the other fantastic bargains.

FYI – The Artist Shed display is the one with the swirling pile of trash in front of it…haha.

Mad March

Ok…lot’s to tell you about so here goes…

First, The Artist Shed is participating in The Lucky Clover Cart Sale and Hunt which runs from March 1st to March 31st.

This event combines shopping with hunting and it really is a lot of fun.

Here is a very jam-packed picture of the items being offered on the cart (as well as the hunt gift).

Artist Shed Preview - Lucky Clover SM


Mop Bucket Garden Poster SM

A better picture of the hunt gift.

There are 36 carts full of goodies, L$10 items…theme items and of course freebies. Plus 36 awesome hunt gifts to be found…

Visit The Lucky Clover Cart Sale + Hunt Now!


Next, The Artist Shed is participating in the Poppin’ Penguin Mad March Hunt, which runs from March 1st to 31st.

This is a L$0 and L$1 hunt and you can get both at the store when you come hunting for an adorable lucky penguin.

The Lucky Shamrock Stand is the L$1 gift and the Unlucky Shamrock is the L$0 gift:

Shamrock Decor SM

Visit the Poppin’ Penguin Blog for more information on the hunt.


Last but never least is the L$1 Madly Untamed Rock the Basket 3 Hunt, which runs from March 1st to 31st.

This hunt marks the three year anniversary of Madly Untamed Hunts, congrats ladies!

This is the gift The Artist Shed has on offer:

Rock the Basket 3 Hunt Gift - The Artist Shed

You are looking for a basket with a music note inside.

Stop by the Madly Untamed website to get hunt hints and SLurls to the stores beginning March 1st.



The Artist Shed is actually participating in another hunt and another event mid-March but I think I’ll save the details on those for another post.

XO Marge

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