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May Hunts @ The Artist Shed

The Artist Shed is participating in two hunts during the month of May, The Madly Untamed Terrible Twos Hunt which runs from May 1st to May 31st and the Cookie Jar Bring on Summer Home and Garden Hunt which runs from May 1st to May 22nd.

For the Terrible Twos hunt you are looking for a L$1 number two and if you’re able to find it you’ll receive a set of naughty stools:

Terrible Twos Hunt Gift - The Artist Shed

Visit the Madly Untamed site to get all the hints and SLurls you’ll need to complete the hunt.

For the Bring on Summer Hunt, The Artist Shed has The Beachcomber Cabinet:

Bring on Summer Hunt Gift - The Artist Shed

All you need to do to grab this gift is have L$1 and a keen eye. You’re looking for a sweet little blue bird.

Visit the Cookie Jar site for more details on the hunt.

Have Fun!


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