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July Hunts

I know it’s kind of early to be sharing the July hunt gifts but I thought, what the heck…why not.

The Artist Shed is participating in two hunts during the month of July, The Madly Untamed Keep it Poppin’ Hunt which runs from July 1st to July 31st and the Evil Bunny Beached Bunny 6 Hunt which runs from July 3rd to July 31st.

Both hunts are L$1 hunts and for both I’ve made planters…

The theme of the Keep it Poppin’ Hunt is celebration, so I figured why not celebrate coming in second? Everyone wants to be first but it takes a special person to really make 2nd place believable.

So, the Celebrate 2nd Place planters where born:

Keep it Poppin' Hunt Gift - The Artist Shed

Visit the Madly Untamed site to get all the hints, SLurls and a peek at some of the other gifts.

For the Beached Bunny Hunt 6, The Artist Shed has the Life’s a Beach Planter:

Beached Bunny Hunt 6 Gift - The Artist Shed

Just perfect to add a bit of the beach to your home all year long.

Visit the Evil Bunny site for more details on the hunt.


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