The Artist Shed

The Art of MargeKinson

Cruel Summer

The Artist Shed will be at the Cruel Summer Cart Sale + Hunt from July 1st to 31st with a cart full of all new items, plus a hunt gift and a freebie (if you can find it).

Along with 35 other merchants The Artist Shed is waging a war on the sticky summer heat by having you ramble around in the desert looking for L$2 cacti, L$10 and theme items. Why? Because we’re oh so cruel…

Cruel Summer Hunt Gift - The Artist Shed

This is the gift you’ll get if you can keep your senses sharp and the sweat out of your eyes. The Saguaro Chair has a unisexy pose and can be yours for the tiny sum of L$2, while the hunt is on.

Cruel Summer Cart Sale Preview - The Artist Shed

If you’d prefer to simply ignore the cacti and just shop, here’s a bit of a preview of what’s on The Artist Shed cart.

Cruel Summer Hunt Gift - I Heart the Cart

Last but not least another L$2 hunt gift, this time from I Heart the Cart. Something to cool you off after all the hard work.

Visit the Cruel Summer Cart Sale + Hunt from July 1st to 31st and don’t forget your sunscreen!


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