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January Hunt

Ok, so I’m bad…

I didn’t update my blog for December and there were a lot of hunts and events going on too. Scouts honor…won’t happen again. If you do read this in the next several hours you can still get to those hunt gifts and events. Just visit The Artist Shed where you’ll find all the hunt hints and LM’s to the events as well.

Now on to 2017!

The Artist Shed is participating in one hunt during the month of January so this should be quick…

The first and only hunt on the list is the Lady Dragon’s Winter Blows Hunt which runs from January 1st to January 31st. For this hunt you will be looking for a L$1 snowflake.

Here is what The Artist Shed has for you:


Visit the Lady Dragon’s Hunts site to get a peek at some of the other gifts as well as hints and SLurls on January 1st. You know, once the hangover has worn off.

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