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October Hunts & Events

It’s that time of year…so many hunts and events going on. The Artist Shed is participating in quite a few so here we go…

The first is my own event, The Hocus Pocus Cart Sale + Hunt which runs from October 1st to October 31st. There are theme items and L$10 goodies plus a sim wide hunt where you can go searching for L$2 Enchanted Crystals.

The Artist Shed isn’t officially in the hunt/event this time but I always make the gift for I Heart the Cart, so I thought I would show it off.

Visit The Hocus Pocus Cart Sale + Hunt

Next we have the oh so popular Boo Bunny Hunt 6, which runs from October 3rd to October 31st. You are looking for a L$1 Piece of Candy and I have to say the gifts are pretty sweet.

The Artist Shed has a ghostly display to add some spook to your home or garden:

Click HERE for a list of participants, hints and store locations.

The Afterlife Hunt which runs from October 5th to October 31st is a family friendly hunt. It is also a free hunt so keep your eyes peeled for a L$0 Skeleton.

Comedy or tragedy:

Click HERE for a list of participants, hints and store locations.

The AGS Autumn Hunt runs from October 8th to October 21st and let me say it has some really lovely vintage style gifts for you. The hunt is a bit more expensive but believe me the gifts are well worth the extra Lindens. For this hunt you are looking for a L$10 Autumn Leaf.

The Artist Shed is channeling Little House on the Prairie with their gift:

Click HERE for a list of participants, hints, gift previews and store locations.

Now on to a couple of events…

The Wash 10th Anniversary Cart Sale which runs from October 11th to November 1st has one L$50 item per cart, the rest L$10 and a free gift. Doesn’t get better than that.

The Artist Shed is showing its crafty side with these DIY Pot Pumpkins, only L$10 each:

Visit The Wash

TWE12VE which runs from October 12th to October 31st is spreading darkness this month and The Artist Shed has some grave goodies for you. What better way to show off how well you can stick to a theme:

I dug them up to take the photo though (also pretty dark…mwa ha ha).

Visit TWE12VE

Last but not least we have Grab & Go which runs from October 27th 12:00 pm SLT – October 27th 11:59 pm SLT. You have just twelve hours to visit the participating stores, slap the board and get a free gift.

Click HERE for a list of participating stores.


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