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Mad March

Ok…lot’s to tell you about so here goes…

First, The Artist Shed is participating in The Lucky Clover Cart Sale and Hunt which runs from March 1st to March 31st.

This event combines shopping with hunting and it really is a lot of fun.

Here is a very jam-packed picture of the items being offered on the cart (as well as the hunt gift).

Artist Shed Preview - Lucky Clover SM


Mop Bucket Garden Poster SM

A better picture of the hunt gift.

There are 36 carts full of goodies, L$10 items…theme items and of course freebies. Plus 36 awesome hunt gifts to be found…

Visit The Lucky Clover Cart Sale + Hunt Now!


Next, The Artist Shed is participating in the Poppin’ Penguin Mad March Hunt, which runs from March 1st to 31st.

This is a L$0 and L$1 hunt and you can get both at the store when you come hunting for an adorable lucky penguin.

The Lucky Shamrock Stand is the L$1 gift and the Unlucky Shamrock is the L$0 gift:

Shamrock Decor SM

Visit the Poppin’ Penguin Blog for more information on the hunt.


Last but never least is the L$1 Madly Untamed Rock the Basket 3 Hunt, which runs from March 1st to 31st.

This hunt marks the three year anniversary of Madly Untamed Hunts, congrats ladies!

This is the gift The Artist Shed has on offer:

Rock the Basket 3 Hunt Gift - The Artist Shed

You are looking for a basket with a music note inside.

Stop by the Madly Untamed website to get hunt hints and SLurls to the stores beginning March 1st.



The Artist Shed is actually participating in another hunt and another event mid-March but I think I’ll save the details on those for another post.

XO Marge


Hunts Galore

The Artist Shed is participating in several hunts during the month of July and Marge has been very busy creating unique gifts for each of them.

The first hunt is the :Madly: Untamed Boom Boom Pow hunt which runs from July 1st to July 31st.

The theme of this hunt is celebration so you will be able to grab tons of L$1 celebratory hunt gifts from all of the participants.

There is also a sponsor maze (which isn’t really a maze anymore) where you can grab extra L$1 gifts from all the fantastic sponsors, including The Artist Shed.

This is what’s on offer:

Boom HUnt

Get all the hints and SLurls HERE!

The next hunt also runs from July 1st to 31st, it’s the I Heart the Cart – Under the Sea Cart Sale + Treasure Hunt.

Marge is not only participating in the event but she also organized the entire thing right down to making the pineapple hunt prims you will be searching for.

This hunt is setup like a real treasure hunt where you only get the next clue after solving the first one. It may be a little time consuming but well worth the effort, as everyone who completes the hunt will be given a last hint which will take you to a secret location filled will fantastic freebie gifts from most of the hunt vendors.

The hunt gifts are L$2 each and range from home décor items to clothing and other underwater themed loot.

This is what The Artist Shed is offering:

Fish Lamp Poster

Hunt Gift

Porthole chair Poster

Freebie Gift

Visit the Under the Sea Cart Sale + Treasure Hunt

Last but never least is the Evil Bunny – Beached Bunny Hunt 5.

This popular hunt organized by Allie Munro is sure to fill your inventory with some sweet L$1 hunt gifts. The hunt runs from July 3rd to July 31st and has a lot of stops, so you may want to pace yourself.

This is what Marge created for the hunt:

Beached Bunny Hunt Gift

You can get all the details for the Beached Bunny Hunt HERE!

Good luck to all the hunters, you’ll need it because it looks like July is the month to hunt.

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