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Spring Freshness

Alright, so in my last post I mentioned two more events coming up mid-March and while the enMESHed into Spring hunt seems to have been canceled the Spring Freshness sale @The Wash is happening as planned and runs from March 16th to March 30th.

The sale boasts several (and by several I mean too many to count) displays filled with L$10 items. L$10 items as far as the eye can see…many, many L$10 items and the occasional L$50 item, as everyone participating is allowed one per display.

Here’s a little peek at what The Artist Shed has to offer:

The Wash Sale

All brand new and all fresh for spring!

Stop by The Spring Freshness Sale @The Wash to see these items as well as all the other fantastic bargains.

FYI – The Artist Shed display is the one with the swirling pile of trash in front of it…haha.


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