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The Artist Shed is participating in TWE12VE again and the theme for April is Rain. I figured most of the merchants would go the typical route…umbrellas, boots, blue. So I went with something a little outside the box…rain…forest.

Here’s a preview of my Rainforest Chairs:

The event has already started and will run until the end of the month. Stop by TWE12VE if you like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain. Minus the booze of course.



The Artist Shed is in one event during the month of February and that event is TWE12VE. This round the theme is passion and seeing as Valentine’s Day (as usual) is on the 14th, just two days after TWE12VE begins I opted not to go with chocolate hearts and roses.

Instead I went with a few shades of grey, handcuffs and horrible florals.

Here’s a little preview:


The event starts on February 12th at noon and then runs passionately until the end of the month, so you have plenty of time to visit TWE12VE and forcefully grab what The Artist Shed has on offer…the safe word is UPHOLSTRY.


The Artist Shed is only in one event during the month of January and that event is TWE12VE. This round the theme is fresh and for some odd reason the only thing that would satisfy this for me was laundry.

Here’s a little preview:


The event starts tomorrow at noon but runs until the end of the month, so you will have oodles of time to visit TWE12VE before the event start to get stale…heh see what I did there…

The Artist Shed @ FABLE

Once upon a time in the virtual land of Second Life there was computer-generated store that sold home décor items and silly things like huggable taco chips.

One lagless day the store had the occasion to participate in an event called FABLE, which was all about fairies, goblins; knights in shining armor…you get my point.

Anyway, it was a day or two before the affair and The Artist Shed could not wait to share all of the things it had on display in a tiny cabin nestled somewhere on the FABLE event site.

But when to show these items off? When was the optimal time in which to let the merchandise be seen in all its glorious splenditude?

The Artist Shed could wait no longer “Now it cried!” (If a computer-generated store could speak) and so it unveiled a dark and small photo showing (if you could call it that) the items that were available for purchase should you wish to attend the event.

FABLE Preview - The Artist Shed

The Artist Shed was proud of its achievements. Creating a bunch of royal goodies for home or castle was no small feat.

Alas…the event doesn’t start until August 6th another virtual store reminded The Artist Shed, this broke computer-generated stores reverie…reality…returning…


Yep…I’m a big nerdy geek with a big dorky grin.

Anyhoo, stop by FABLE {Once Upon a Time} if you’d like to grab any of the goodies The Artist Shed or the pleothora of other shops has to offer.

The event runs from August 6th to August 27th.

If you see me walking around, feel free to point and *cough* while simultaneously saying *nerd*.

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